The Ultimate

Big Lebowski Festival

November 13, 2021
Austin, TX

Our fest celebrates the Big Lebowski, all socially distanced and outside.
Come for Fun, food, live music, movies, photo booth, drinks, costume contests,
and a special Q&A from the dude himself, Jeff dowd.
The Dude Abides.


Live Music, A Movie, Food, Beers, White Russians, Costume Contests.

our troubles are over, dude.

The Dude Abides festival will be held November 13, 2021 outside at Pioneer Farms in Austin, TX with acres of room to socially distance, while we take it easy enjoying the festivities, celebrating the Coen Brothers timeless film, “The Big Lebowski.”

Live Music From

Somewhere up on Cripple Creek, there’s an old log cabin where the gang used to gather to pass the bottle and trade tall tales. Sometimes, a back-porch pickin’ party would break out, and they’d spend hours strumming country-rock classics, drivin’ that train through the Band, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and various Burrito Brothers, and even entering ex-Beatles territory on “Crippled Inside.” (Yes, dogs did howl along with their lusty harmonies on that one.) 

That’s the actual story of Austin band Sour Bridges’ birth. Well, maybe the cabin was really an apartment, and maybe it was closer to Lady Bird Lake (and maybe the dogs merely snored), but it did have a porch where friends gathered, bottles were passed and picking parties occurred. The songs also moved into original territory rather quickly, sprouting into a sound they call browngrass—“like bluegrass, but a little dirtier”—but it grows from that same country-rock soil. In fact, you can almost hear the history of American roots music in the strong harmonies and intricate arrangements of the band’s fourth album, Neon Headed Fool (May 24, 2019).


Those are good burgers, walter
(And white russians)

I can tell you being from Austin, TX we have VERY good burgers, better than the ones that Walter enjoys off Radford. Great burgers are key to The Big Lebowski, and we’ll have food truck vendors and plant based options as well for vegetarians.

Nothing gets you into the Dude mindset better than a excellently mixed White Russian, which we’ll have as well as beers. We don’t make much Kahlua here in Austin, but we do make some of the best vodka in the country we’ll be using to mix.

Big Lebowski

Costume Contest, Photo Booth, More

If you’re going to have a festival on The Big Lebowski, you have to have a costume contest. The Dude Abides festival will have that with the final winner decided by the audience.

The winner will get their own authentic Pendleton Westerley Zip Up Cardigan Sweater, just like The Dude (or if they prefer, the cash value).

Additional activities include a photo booth, and more to come!

The big lebowski on the big screen outdoors – perfect for first timers

You may be wondering as you read along to inside quotes from The Big Lebowski if the event is for you if you’ve never, or rarely, seen the Coen Brothers film. We can say without a doubt that fans of The Big Lebowski are some of the most welcoming out there! Come have a safe, fun time, with great music and events.

Q&A With Jeff Dowd – The Coen Brothers Film Producer & Basis for The movie

We’ll be doing a pre-taped and also a remote, live Q&A with the Dude himself, Jeff Dowd! If you’re unaware Jeff is an incredibly interesting film producer, and Due, who has worked with the Coen Brothers and inspired them to write the character played by Jeff Bridges.

“The Coen brothers based the “The Dude” played by Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski on a movie producer and distributor named Jeff Dowd, who is tall, large, and shaggy and a boil with enthusiasm.  Dowd is much more successful than Lebowski. Jeff Dowd has played an important role in the Coens’ careers as indie filmmakers, but no less a creature of the moment. Both dudes depend on improvisation and inspiration…”  Roger Ebert 

Jeff “The Dude” Dowd is a writer, producer, producer’s representative, and a nationally recognized authority on film from script to marketing, distribution, and exhibition. Jeff was and still is a key team player in the independent film movement.

“Jeff Dowd…The King of special handling…The master of finding the marketing hook when nobody else can…The man to turn to when you need intense, focused, intelligent, commercial, and a not obvious point of view on your film…He’s the best!” Sidney Ganis, Former President of the Academy of Motion Pictures, Columbia-Tristar Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Senior VP Lucasfilm, and producer.

Jeff Dowd is a well-known, still active activist with an illustrious history fighting against racism, ill-conceived wars, fighting for the environment and a sustainable future and against Climate Change, fighting for human rights, women’s rights, LBGTQ, Marriage Equality, Vets, students, teachers, animals, and economic justice as well as being instrumental in winning political campaigns and grassroots organizing and elections across America.

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